Delusional Reality

I looked up. There, in front of me, she walked with another guy.

She turned slightly, and I caught her eyes straying to me. She stopped walking, turning her gaze to the man walking with her, then back to me again. I held my breath, and watched her with a hopeful eyes. I am sorry, I told her with my eyes. I will not let you go again. Please come back to me.

At first she looked indecisive, but then her gaze turned determined. She faced the man beside her and let go of the hand holding hers. She bowed quickly, said some words I couldn’t hear, then walked towards me, never looking back at the heart-broken face the guy had on.

I greeted her with smile, hands opened. She forgives me.

A hand touched my back, and loud voice broke me from my imagination. I gave an unintelligible grunt to the owner of the hand, eyes still on the back of my girl. My ex-girl who was still walking away from me, eyes never looking at me.

She didn’t forgive meShe wouldn’t.


Hope’s Appearance

I didn’t know how long I stood like that, stopped in the darkness. But then something happened. Something that seemed negligible at first, when my mind was prevented from thinking by fear; fear of the unknown in the black, in the darkness. A small, minuscule light lit up; I can see it from the corner of my eyes. And I ignored it for some time, because it did not seem important enough; not when I cannot even think. But after some time, the minuscule light didn’t seem all that tiny anymore, and I can feel my body subconsciously moved toward the light without any intent, desire, or control from my mind.

As I feel my body moved. my mind also started wheeling, thinking. And then all I can see and think of was the light. I moved toward it with hope, toward the destiny that I will reach with my own mind and body.