Ah… another fail one. The man is not so…manly here, more child-like. But I am fairly content with this.

I don’t understand pingback yet, so I’ll just include the link here :

“Chris,” I asked calmly. “What are you doing here?”

The man dared to look lost, his eyes questioning me what do I mean.

I pointed toward the food he was making. “I thought we have agreed that you are not to do anything here? You, as well as me, need our midnight snack, I know. But can’t you respect my boundaries? I feel so uncomfortable with you doing anything near me.”

He protested, “I just come here to get some of the icing that you have made!”

I raised one of my eyebrow. “And can’t you make it yourself?”

Chris stared at me, then at the icing, and then the food. Apparently deciding that he could not be bothered by me, he went back to his work and finished it quickly. Me, on the other hand, moved so I can finish my own work in peace. He didn’t follow me.

When he finished, he straighten up and left the kitchen. The last that I heard from him was, “So sorry to not respect your boundaries, Miss Lind. Thank you for you patience for putting up with me this long.”

When I looked up, he was running upstairs.


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