Trusting Him

I look at the list of names, desperately trying to find my own name. The first time I read over it, nothing. The second time, nothing. The third time, nothing. I am going to read it again when a hand touch my shoulder tentatively. I glance at the owner of said hands, and tears build up in my eyes when he shakes his head slowly. His eyes is mirroring my own despair, but he leans closer to me and whispered, “It’s okay. It will be alright.”

It is not okay. It won’t be alright. I fail, and it is the truth. Nothing is going to change that. But I look at him, and put my head on his chest, then breathes out, “Yeah.”

Because he is here with me, and I trust him.


Come Across Him

I need to breath. I need some space. They are everywhere, looking for my weakness, always watching. I am never alone. I am not free. But when I see him, I forget about my watchers. I forget about my need to be discreet. I ran up to him, the person I haven’t seen in years. And destroying my own life in process. But that’s okay. I just need a moment with him, and everything will be okay. Even when it is not. Because with him, I can breath.